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Mixer Technology SRL
Machine and equipment manufacturer for the building industry

Mixer Technology SRL based in Torri di Quartesolo (Vicenza- Italy), was founded in the 1980’s.

Since then, combining experience and technology, Mixer has been planning, developing and producing machines for the building industry and above all mixing machines, plastering machines and transportation systems for premixed plasters.
Studying the components and the performances of such products, Mixer Technology SRL has been able to face time after time the demands of different kinds of markets. As a matter of fact, Mixer as well as being present on the Italian market is also present in foreign countries such as: Spain, France, Germany, England, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, Tunisia, UAE, China and South America.

Thanks to years of experience in the sector, our factory is able to offer to our Italian and our foreign customers a complete service which, beyond the sale, provides a support service that can intervene in the resolution of any technical problem.

To ensure optimum quality, Mixer Technology SRL develops and manufactures in Italy all machines and subjects them to the most demanding European regulations.



Machines and equipments for building

Mixer Technology SRL manufactures a wide range of building machines to respond to the different application requirements of the sector: spraying machines, mixing machines, pneumatic conveying systems for powder products for mortar.

Complemented by a wide range of compressors with different pressures and performances, according to the type of work and the machine used.

Rotors and Stators pumps

Mixer Technology SRL has been manufacturing rotors-stators for the construction industry since 1986. Mixer has developed a complete range to satisfy every customer, regardless of its sector, and thus exceeds its expectations in terms of longevity and debit.

The model stators 1-2-3-4-5-6 are suitable for all ready-to-use products based on lime, plaster, cement, self-leveling, glue and finishing products, and can be used on all three-phase machines on the market.
For single-phase spraying machines, we have specific stators, of high quality like our models 13-26-30-32.