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The Mixer Airtech silo compressor is ideal for pneumatically conveying pre-mixed dry products contained in pressurised silos.

The control panel is easy to use.

The Mixer Airtech is fitted with an automated hose cleaning system in the event of loss of voltage.

Power supply
400 V - 50 Hz
15 A
5.5 kW
Spraying flow rate
98 m3/h
Spraying distance
100 m*
Dimensions (l x w x h)
110 x 58 x 80 cm
Compressor weight

164 kg


– PFG sensor
– Two 25 LM polyurethane spiral hoses with Storz coupling
– 19×30 4 LM EPDM hose with GEKA coupling
– 13×19 4 LM EPDM hose with GEKA rotating coupling
– 25×33 4 LM EPDM hose with couplings
– 2 Storz wrenches
– 4×2.5 50 LM power cord with plug
– 3×1.5 50 LM sensor wire with plug
– Monofilter cover
– Transport unit

(*) depending on the characteristics of the product used, the stator, the rotor, the diameter and length of the hose, the spraying height and the ambient temperature.

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