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Mixer Flatspray 30 is fitted with a valveless pump for easy maintenance, a stainless steel round tank and a Ø35 mm drain valve to facilitate cleaning.
Its large inflatable wheels allow the machine to be easily moved, even when the tank is full.

All types of ready-to-use film plasters: smoothing coating, raking coating, casing coating, bituminous coating …
Droplet-finish surface coatings* and other products.
*with optional droplet-finish kit and compressor

Tank capacity
110 L
Power supply
230 V / 16 A / 50 and 60 Hz
Motor power
3 kW
Max. operating pressure
120 bar
Max. spraying flow rate
7 L/min*
Max. spraying distance
60 metres*
volumetric screw pump
Max. nozzle (new)
Dimensions (l x w x h)
143 x 65 x 97 cm

100 kg

  • a Ø19 x 30 m hose
  • a Ø16 x 2,5 m easy handling flexible hose
  • a wireless remote control
  • a Jetpro spray-gun with nozzle holder
  • a TT3 443 nozzle
  • a toolbox containing:
    – a 17 spanner
    – two open-end wrenches 22/32 and 27/38
    – a multigrip plier
    – three Allen keys Ø2, 5 and 8
    – two cleaning balls and a cleaning brush
    – 1 L of storage liquid

(*) depending on the characteristics of the product used, the stator, the rotor, the diameter and length of the hose, the spraying height and the ambient temperature.

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